Artificial Intelligence 🤖 is becoming natural in tech

For some years, i.e. early years of the 21st century, AI was mostly thought to be fiction and only reserved for movies e.g. Terminator, RoboCop, I-Robot, however, in the background, great strides were being made by scientists. AI research had its inception as early as 1950s. The Dartmouth conference in 1956 is credited for being the first workshop on AI and led to the establishment of the AI field. Great strides have been made ever since and there have been great successes in the field. 

So what is AI? It is basically the working of a machine as if it were human i.e. it functions as a human such that it would be difficult to determine it was done by a machine.

Turin test

Allan Turing proposed a test, known as the Turing Test, to be able to determine if a machine is intelligent. Taking a game with 3 participants where 2 are humans and a machine.

One human is an interviewer while the others are interviewees. The interviewer is separated from the interviewees such that he/she cannot know who is responding to the question asked. The interviewer seeks to distinguish the two interviewees at the end of the interrogation. If the interviewer has a hard time to distinguish the two, then the machine is taken to be intelligent.


Recently the field has received attention from various professions since it proves to be a field that can help solve various world issues e.g. food-security, business growth, universal health and many more. It is a field that compensates for human shortcoming since it uses machines and high accuracy and processing capacity. This can be seen in the movie Hidden Figures where the IBM machine was used since it was faster in its computational speed. With the automation surge in various fields then artificial intelligence is here to stay for long.

So how does it work?

Artificial intelligence involves making the machine learn, and then make informed decisions.

Learn from what? Data! Data! Data! A crucial part of AI is data since the machine is not programmed to deal with all situations but rather it involves making the machine learn for its self by observing trends and patterns in the relevant data supplied. When this is achieved, then the foundation for the machine is set. The machine uses various statistical algorithms to analyze the data and consequently learn and consequently make generalizations. This is what is commonly referred to as Machine Learning. Not only does it involve large data but also clean data to reduce noise in the data and hence make the machine make wrong decisions later

Take a step back and try to remember one time you had to make a decision given different options. You had to think which of one of the options had more weight compared to the others, based on several factors you considered. Now that is the next crucial aspect of AI, making decisions.  After learning from the data the machine is able to make decisions based on what it has observed. Furthermore, there is involvement of neural networks and layers in order to improve the working of the machine and efficiency. This is what is referred to as Deep Learning. Ever thought how Youtube is able to give you suggestions that are relevant to you even without you asking it to? Or rather how once you google something e.g. a product then when you proceed to Facebook you find the advertisements of the same or similar product being proposed? This is AI in action!

AI is here to stay and you could join the bandwagon by learning through various platforms. The applications of AI are many and varied.

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