Hey mobile developer, have you heard of IEEEmadC?

IEEEmadC stands for IEEE mobile application development contest.

It is a competition where mobile developers come up with apps which are applicable to the real world. It is a comprehensive competition i.e. it tests on all aspects of mobile app development – user interface(UI), user experience(UX), usefulness and availability. Furthermore, it is not locked to one operating system but is open to all – android, iOS, windows even symbian(yes, you read right, even symbian).

It is a 6-8 months competition initially focused to inspire student members in Europe, Middle East, and Africa to develop mobile applications that are relevant and solving real world problems. However, it growing to a global competition.

In conjunction with IEEE’s mission of advancing technology for humanity, IEEEmadC creates technological communities that spreads the awareness of the importance of gaining the engineering skills and emphasize the positive impact that new technologies and engineers have on a society.

The important aspects to look out for during the competition:-

  1. Have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the problem you seek to solve.
  2. Strive to have your app be compatible and interoperable with other apps.
  3. Have a clear knowledge of your target users so that it is optimized for the target user.
  4. You can build on any platform be it windows, android , iOS, symbian etc.
  5. You can build various types of apps- web apps, hybrid apps, native apps, whichever suits you.
  6. Maximize on number of app users.

Am I eligible?

Students are invited to compete individually or in teams of up to three student members. Any undergraduate, graduate or phd student can compete. Multiple teams can be formed at the same university. Each team can submit up to 3 different applications. One student can be part of 2 different teams (i.e. one designer can create design for two different teams). Teams must adhere to the deadline timetable defined on this page, or else their submissions will be invalid. Teams must not accept or use any help from people not in their team. Usage of free and/or open source Internet resources is allowed, but plagiarism and cheating is not.


The number one winner receives 3000 US dollars, the 1st runners up 1500 US dollars and the 2nd runners up is under a special category and winner receives an apple product.

Visit IEEEmadC website for more information concerning the competition.

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