Have you tried chocolate welding?

So today we had the IEEE day celebrations in Riara University …hurray!! We had a blast and, as the selfie-generation says, IT WAS LIT🔥. Part of the of the activities in the program was chocolate welding. It was a bit of a tough one you know, working with chocolate to build chocolate and yet feeling like the chocolate is telling you “EAT ME!”. In a nutshell, it involves building various structures using chocolate bars that have been melted on edges thus the name; however, the final test is if it will be able to hold weight placed on it without buckling.

So what is chocolate welding? origin?

It is an activity that was introduced by The Welding Institute as an outreach activity to help students be more exhilarated about  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, back in 2007 (yeah 2007 !!). It seeks to help show welding, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering principles in a fun way.

So how does it work?

The students are provided with 4 bars of chocolate and a hot glass bottle of water. The hot water bottle is the source of heating of melting the chocolate edges. The students make various mechanical or civil structures which are tested for strength later destructively by adding weight. Ultimately, the students discuss the various engineering principles used.

Chocolate welding is now being used in various events(just like IEEE days😉 ) and sessions.

For more details visit TWI


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